Top 4 applications of python


it’s no secret that the web development community knows Python applications are now becoming mainstream. It is the fastest-growing programming language and can develop any application. 

 Python is known for its general-purpose nature, which makes it applicable in almost every domain of software development.

Per a survey, Python is the primary coding language for more than 80% of developers after Java Script. The main reason is that its extensive libraries and frameworks can improve complex processes. 

What are Python Applications:

1- Web development 

  • Python is an excellent choice for web development. And that is for a perfect reason, mainly because there are many Python web development frameworks to choose from, such as Django, Pyramid, and Flask. These frameworks have been used to create sites and services. Thanks to the extensive libraries and modules that come with Python frameworks, common-backend logic that goes into making these frameworks, and a number of libraries that can help integrate protocols such as HTTPS, FTP, SSL. 

How does Python advance web development? 

  • Faster development process
  •  visualization
  • Convenience development
  • security Enhancement 

2- Data Science — including machine learning, data analysis, data visualization, and Artificial Intelligence

I want to gather all those python user applications into one index because of the interrelated between those applications and usages. 

Those are the hottest subjects right now among python applications. Along with its built-in libraries and tools, it facilitates the development of AI and ML algorithms. Further, it offers simple, concise, and readable code, which makes it easier for developers to write complex algorithms and provide a versatile flow. Some of the inbuilt libraries and tools that enhance AI and ML processes are:

  • Numpy for complex data analysis
  • Keras for Machine learning
  • SciPy for technical computing
  • Seaborn for data visualization

3- Game Development

The gaming industry is growing on Python rapidly, and it has proved to be an excellent option for game development. The popular 2D and 3D gaming libraries like pygame, panda3D, and Cocos2D make the game development process completely effortless.

Python allows game developers to build tree-based algorithms, which are helpful in designing different levels in a game. Games require handling multiple requests at once, and Python is extremely fantastic at that.

4- Web Scraping Applications

Web scraping is simply a massive amount of data that is becoming useful for companies to extract valuable customer information and make smart decisions.

In other words, Python is a savior in pulling a large amount of data from websites. It can then be helpful in various real-world processes such as price comparison, job listings, research and development, and much more. 

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